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    B:88cm(F) W:56cm H:87cm
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Weekly schedule

  • 2020年01月28日
    20:00 - 25:00
  • 2020年01月30日
    20:00 - 25:00



Complete industry inexperience! Clean beauty beautiful style preeminent! Looks that grabs a man's heart in a sexy and elegant appearance and never releases it is just an ideal girlfriend. Soft skin with translucent transparency and stretchy pure white soft skin, thin and supple body line wants to attract nature. If you feel such a breath filled with her by your side, there is no mistake that you will fall into the crucible of excitement at that moment. It's a sharp and great personality and a sense of neatness that drifts first. Straight style with no complaints. As a man for the long-awaited desire to be able to bring such a fine woman closer to her, it is utterly happy to be able to take her up. Please enjoy a special time wrapped in a lovely gesture or tone that you occasionally show in the conversation, a tone, only an aura that can only be shown to her. I would like to meet a really nice woman, I would like to meet a woman who can say the highest ever, I have seen many nice women, and I think that customers who are discerning eyes will be able to appoint "Akemi".

Cast Comment

I will do my best to make you think that you came to Japan