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    B:86cm(D) W:55cm H:83cm
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Weekly schedule

  • 2020年01月26日
    21:00 - 27:00



Absolutely beautiful woman determination An absolute beauty appears! ! Even now I will not forget the crush at the moment I met! Signboard candidate confirmed! ! ! ! It is a super cute pretty girl that everyone admits! The smiling face that is still innocent like an angel is very pretty, it seems to want to embrace. Appearance is very pure and innocent. I also make idol shame feel. Well suited for small face ♪ Long hair that is well-maintained ♪ Overall slender and cute body ☆ Patched real big cute smile and soft way of speaking! It is a cute girl who is super cute packed with "pretty !!" already ☆ Personality personality is super relaxing system ♪ which makes me really energetic as it speaks terribly and speaks together It is bright and cheerful and very straightforward personality. Its brightness, like being able to break down immediately with anyone, will give you comfortable peace. The amateur 's innocence and shameful face is pretty cute, exactly the best! A superb exquisite as much as I want to eat soft skin! Response of the jackpot at the moment I met Cute love to fall in love with a cute smile Happy feelings like you got everything starts from the moment you open the door! ! An obedient response to a loving figure, a petty eyes that can be swallowed by a cute laughing gesture ... Seduction with a sweet bed that begins from that moment when it seems like a special time to be with you ...! Tight waist on white skin, your body's excitement on the body is too beautiful to MAX! ! Time to mess up with such a pretty girl, this far ... Oh ... until this ...! I will invite you to a world of dreams! !

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I wish you a wonderful night (^ _ -) - ☆