みどり(MIDORI) Diary


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    B:85cm(E) W:55cm H:84cm
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Weekly schedule

  • 2020年02月25日
    19:00 - 27:00



【Complete industry inexperience】 ☆ ☆ looks and style superb quality ☆ ☆ ☆ ☆ model series SSS class beauty ☆ ☆ A very beautiful beauty is entering! Pure look of her beautiful! Tatamizu is a cuddly looking man in the world! The interviewer was also amazed at the first glance looking at too much beauty! ! Just "extremely pure" !! I met "the best beauty" ... Elegant pure eyes, smooth and beautiful facial features, bust of tight D cups, tight jibile ... All the ideals of the world man are packed! ! A sweet time will tell you the beginning from the moment I met you ♪ Appearance of orthodox beauty and elegance is exquisitely worthy to call a superb ☆ The gentle atmosphere is wearing and the personality is bright and the distance with your heart shrinks in a moment ♪ Girls with this beautiful and soft atmosphere are not like that! ! It is said that I am nervous with my inexperienced work, but I can not help expecting such a polite language for the future! There is no doubt that you can understand if you meet! ! We will guarantee that you will surely be satisfied! ! !

Cast Comment

I am MIDORI (^ ω ^) This industry is inexperienced, but I love being horny ♡