ねね(NENE) Diary


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  • Heigh
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  • 3size
    B:85cm(D) W:56cm H:84cm
  • Blood type

Weekly schedule

  • 2020年01月23日
    19:00 - 27:00
  • 2020年01月24日
    19:00 - 27:00
  • 2020年01月26日
    19:00 - 27:00



【Complete industry inexperience】 Entry from the partner model office The ridiculous miracle spoilers entered electric shocks! ! ! I was doing model activities till the last month [Nene]! When you look back, only the memory remains, its beautiful appearance that burns only to the mind, and the desire .... Eye with a patchy showing innocence, beautiful pink lips are fresh like a petal and will not attract men with a sweet honey scent and attract men. With elegant beauty hair and small face and nose bridge also beautifully, I am making a beautiful face that shines with a line of sharp jaws. And on the bed, a bold play that can not be imagined from her face, a fascinating charm will emanate, a pink breath will leak out from a sexy mouth and it will make the illusion world illusion ♪ You should be able to understand the meaning of the word if you can meet! ! Human Togi with her who remains in a corner of the heart as an unforgettable memory. I am confident that you can feel it is good to meet you! ! Because there is no mistake booking, we recommend you to reserve as soon as possible when you go to work ♪

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