やよい(YAYOI) Diary


  • Name
  • Heigh
  • Age
  • 3size
    B:85cm(D) W:55cm H:83cm
  • Blood type

Weekly schedule

  • 2020年01月20日
    19:00 - 27:00
  • 2020年01月21日
    19:00 - 27:00
  • 2020年01月24日
    19:00 - 27:00



Everyone kept you waiting (^ ^) Slender beautiful long-awaited aim quickly for summer! 【Yayoi】 is entering! ! ! If it was not even how to encounter, it surely fell in love at first sight ♪ Even though only the looks are perfect, the style is complete with waist which seems to break into slender & beautiful breasts !! Even if you talk it is very nice and bright character ◎ Moreover, it is dignified also as politeness and manner, elegance ♪ A calm and intelligent atmosphere is very attractive · · · In addition it is a bright, straight straight, and there is no back and front character, is not it a woman who is likable regardless of age and young women ♪ A beautiful D cup bust and a good shape hip, it seems very comfortable to hold (^ ω ^) White skin that feels even a pleasant scent, fine body with sophisticated attraction is too sensualistic to be deprived of eyes. Please enjoy the glamorous extreme and the finest time to your heart's content.

Cast Comment

I want to make it a fun time that will remain in your memories! (^ ^)! I like to blame! I am waiting for the teaser.