さき(SAKI) Diary


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  • Heigh
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  • 3size
    B:83cm(C) W:55cm H:83cm
  • Blood type

Weekly schedule

  • 2020年02月23日
    19:00 - 26:00
  • 2020年02月25日
    19:00 - 26:00
  • 2020年02月27日
    19:00 - 26:00



【Complete industry inexperience】 【Elegant and full of slender beauty】 If a slender woman like you like it is definitely recommended! ! In case Beautiful girl with a neat atmosphere. A beautiful facial clearer with a big eyes is full of beauty and sex appeal that makes it so elegant and shaky. From smiling face overflowing from a very lovely expression, starting with her whole body lip with plenty, it seems that your body and mind will also melt (^ ^ ♪ There is also a sensitive side which is good at attacking with tightness and moisturizing lips, luxurious lips, glossy and well-maintained play style, both early talks can go! I will not betray expectations on the bed! ! ! Character is very kind, and also a cute side of shy shop. "To be wonderful, I am very interested ...", seems that sexual desire hidden inside can not be suppressed. Although her charm still is not exhausted yet, I look forward to seeing you in the future ... Satisfaction level MAX Please spare no time!

Cast Comment

It is my first job. I am nervous, but I will try hard (* ^ - ^ *) I beg your pleasure.♡