れいな(REINA) Diary


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  • Heigh
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  • 3size
    B:85cm(D) W:56cm H:85cm
  • Blood type

Weekly schedule

  • 2020年01月21日
    18:00 - 26:00
  • 2020年01月22日
    18:00 - 26:00
  • 2020年01月25日
    18:00 - 27:00



"Industry complete inexperience" A superb beauty who continues to release a fresh shine [Reina] has entered! ! ! In our CAST group, another beautiful flower will be in full bloom ♪ The moment I met, my heart beating fast, I can not suppress my excitement. I will deliver such an exciting encounter. The aura that overflows from the whole body heals everything and guides you to the world of healing the best! Beautiful facial features, patchy big eyes, small lips including prunes and moisture. Beautiful hair that shines in morning calm, flax shine, soft and beautiful beautiful milk! A beautiful body line made up of superbly constricted waist and tight closed hip! It is a owner of a sensual body that captivates men in a moment and captures them. It is a "art piece" that is hard to imagine from adult shy girls. Furthermore, she is a woman with care and attention to herself, so even customers who are meeting for the first time are sure to enjoy a relaxing healing time. Satisfaction [★ ★ ★ ★ ★]

Cast Comment

I will do my best to be a wonderful time