あかね(AKANE) Diary


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  • Heigh
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  • 3size
    B:85cm(E) W:55cm H:85cm
  • Blood type

Weekly schedule

  • 2020年01月21日
    18:00 - 26:00
  • 2020年01月24日
    18:00 - 26:00
  • 2020年01月27日
    18:00 - 26:00



It is a shop entrance of a relaxing slender beauty [Akane] of the black hair neat! ! ! If you can see that face wrapped in soft transparent soft skin, you will have a smiling heartfelt! Everyone admits that they are excellent in charm With birthlessness that will tickle your man's heart without being conscious of being born in nature, the man of the world will surely be captivated by the shining smile! A very gentle tone and a soft thing, and a healing system atmosphere, you should be able to understand her high quality personality and high level qualities simply by talking! Hair cleaned, narrowly narrowed waistline, a hip of a silhouette gathered compactly, beautiful legs stretching from it draws the best leg line beautiful! ! A wonderful customer service and its atmosphere that we get together from the moment I met. Yet, pretty awesome charm! Good conversation, how to talk and the voice is also very cute, a rich moment when the sex appeal of adults will be a valuable time that can never be forgotten! ! I am thankful that [Akane] picked this shop (^ v ^)

Cast Comment

Nice to meet you ♡ Akane ♡ (^ ◇ ^) I would like to do my best to make everyone happy! (^ ^)! I would appreciate your favor from today.