• Name
    みさき MISAKI
  • Heigh
  • Age
  • 3size
    B:85cm(D) W:56cm H:86cm
  • Blood type

Weekly schedule

  • 2020年02月25日
    18:00 - 27:00
  • 2020年02月26日
    18:00 - 27:00
  • 2020年02月28日
    18:00 - 27:00



Moist eyes are super cute! A cocktail with beauty and cuteness ... It is an introduction of a superb Kirekawa tall beauty "Misaki" of a transcendental pheromone body that seems to be very erotic and delicious! If you ask 10 people with severe eyes to judge ... cute! There are 5 people who answer and 5 people who say beauty, so 100% Iionna! The beautiful and beautiful face is beautiful but cute, so it's full of charm! The gentle personality and shiawase will be healed from the overflowing smile! When I look down, it's ... soft breasts that seem to be swallowed up, and the round, superb hips are a highlight! You will be reminded of the honey alone time from the moment of the encounter, and you will be able to realize the exciting feeling! Of course, the adult time ahead will not disappoint! It is said that once the switch is turned on, it will be quite erotic mode and it will run out to the opponent ... After enjoying the fruits of the dream, enjoy a generous and generous time with the charming and deep hospitality you will want to meet again! !

Cast Comment

I want to do my best to make our customers happy(^ω^)